Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Walk on Water!

Study this morning over Mark Chs. 6-8: Walking on water, disciples called out in fear. Jesus answered don’t be afraid. I am with you. Just like today’s “storms of life” we are not to be afraid. Today being election day, it could turn to evil and the ushering in of the tribulation (Hillary) or it can turn to good and the rebuilding of what the evil has done (Trump). Judgment has fallen on the leadership of this nation – are we to suffer more today or later – it will come, tribulation, persecution of Christians in this country, but first, the greatest revival of all history will be ushered in. Prophetic utterances all over this nation as much as 35+ years ago (that I’ve heard), have all said the same thing (and of course, the Bible has also said), that in the last days, we are on the verge of the greatest, biggest revival of all of history!
Them (the disciples) being full of fear, looking at the bad, the circumstances around them, thinking Jesus was a ghost, walking out of the darkness on the water, in the mist. No different today; like us focusing on the bad instead of what God is doing. They cried out in fear. Not to Jesus/God, but just cried out in fear. When we cry out, freaking out about fearful stuff around us, who/what do we cry out to?
Immediately when Jesus spoke, they recognized Him, only then did things calmed down. We need to ‘listen’ to Jesus instead of ‘struggling’ against the winds of life. He could have passed them by, left them in fear, but He didn’t. They cried out, and He heard! If we see Christ in EVERY situation because God is in control, then we need not fear.
Like the video we just watched last night (Story of Daniel on uTube) of nations rising and falling, all ordained by God, leaders put into place BY GOD, whether we like it or not, to FULLFILL HIS purposes.
Greatest evangelist of all times is John the Baptist and Paul – were executed! Who are we to think we are any different? God was in control and still is in control, and the story impacts more BECAUSE of their deaths, many people were won after and because of their sacrifice! Like the stories in the Foxes Book of Martyrs, who are we in America to think we are any difference? Like the Word says, the world hated Him (Jesus), so too will they hate us.

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