Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Looking Forward to Resurrection Sunday!

We will be lighthouse keepers again in Crescent City, CA, for the month of March, at the Battery Point Lighthouse.  We will, again, be preaching an Easter Service from there:

March 27, 2016, at 8 am

The Recent History of Sunny Valley, Oregon

We first came to Sanford and Lunette's campground in Sunny Valley, April 2012, in order to be a blessing and help with various maintenance issues.  We soon found that God was calling us to establish a foothold here to do some spiritual battles and cleansings. It’s amazing how God set that up. 

Our whole Sons to Glory/Men of Thunder team came here for a weekend retreat, to do spiritual battle, walk around the property, anoint it with oil, and pray for revival in the land.  William was given a vision of Angels surrounding the property and another vision of a property across the street and down from the little store (that big field) a vision of big-time revival meetings, music, etc. – like a big Jesus Festival.  We saw big-time revival on all the people of the area, strongholds of drugs, alcohol, despair, poverty, etc. coming down!  We planted in Sanford and Lunette God’s plan for the area – a Christian camp/retreat, a place for people to come and be refreshed.  We started talking to them about this and about how God wants to send bands/musicians in to do concerts, etc. 

Then, William and I spent the summer at the campground (June – Sept. 2012).  William did some maintenance work, and we continued to pray and establish a spiritual foot hold here.  No sooner had we told them about the Christian camp atmosphere, then a band they knew contacted them and they arranged for a concert at the campground.  It was an awesome time.  We suggested to them that they keep this kind of thing going. 

Also, shortly after purchasing the RV Park, Lunette and Sanford asked the local church to come and hold a communion service over their new property. To the church, Lunette and Stanford have been a great asset as Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

Before Sanford and Lunette bought this property (March 2011), there had been a prostitution ring that used the property/cabins with big drug and other illegal activity.  After talking with the pastor of the local church, Sunny Valley Outreach Ministries, we found that their body of believers has been established by God in this very strategic position for prayer, warfare and the teaching of God’s word.  We found out that this area (between Merlin and Wolf Creek) is a large center and stronghold of the Church of Satan.

As the pastor tells it, the church came under attack soon after it was established 12 years
ago. Satanists built satanic alters by the front gate and hung satanic emblems on the fence of the property. One of the local Satanists went to the pastor’s home and told him that if he and his church wouldn’t pack up and leave, harm was going to come to him and his family.  He went on to say that someday he would stand on the pastors grave. The pastor rose up in the Spirit of God and told him that within a year, he would be standing on his grave.  Sure enough, the man developed an aggressive form of cancer, that next November, the pastor was standing on that man’s grave.

The pastor tells of another incident of how the forest along I-5 near their church caught on
fire. When the pastor and members arrived, they were told by witnesses that the fire had engulfed the church.  Because of the smoke, it was impossible to see the damage at arrival time, they thought the church was gone and begin to pray. The pastor and the church begin to get excited to see how God’s hand would work in the midst of the devastation to the building they met in. The pastor and his congregation went there the next day after the fire was out, and not only was the church still standing, but there wasn’t even a hint of smoke on or within the structure. The fire had come right up to the door and left the building in tack. The front page of the Grants Pass Daily Courier read, pictures included, “Fire burns to front door of church and stops”.

There was a strip club established next to the park. Some Christians and non-Christians of the area began picketing, who were later sued and were found violating the strip club’s property, even though it violated Oregon State law to have this type of establishment too close of a distance from a church. This cost some of the picketers heavy fines. When the Grants Pass Courier interviewed the Pastor in Sunny Valley, he shared his message that had been given to the church. The pastor had no control over how they approached this situation, but if they went to picket, they were on their own and the church was not to be represented as picketers. The pastor said he would be a hypocrite if he stood at the pulpit and preached power in prayer and then resorted to man’s ways (this interview was printed in the newspaper). The church then came into agreement in prayer and prayed the establishment out of business. God closed the doors, not man, to God be the Glory, not man.

The pastor knows that he has been called by God to pray over and see that his congregation and the area around Sunny Valley is strengthened.  Not only that, but several churches under the leadership of the local store-owner, who owned another building, attempted to start a separate church, and we went to a couple of their services. The last church started under the leadership of a Rogue Valley Ministry, which was well funded.  It was there approximately one year before closing. The pastor tried several times to contact these new ministries coming into Sunny Valley, to welcome them in hopes of working together to further the gospel in the area. His attempts were futile; there was not a response from any of them. When that other church decided to close, the Pastor contacted them and met with them for breakfast in Grants Pass. The Pastor told them he felt his previous contacts of welcome had been ignored, that it did not appear that they had been led by the Holy Spirit to come to Sunny Valley, had sent different leaders there who did not appear to be called, but rather, appointed to make a go of it and now, due to the act of closing their doors, left a small group of those who attended as orphans. A few of those left behind from this church, have attended Sunny Valley Outreach Ministries.

When the Lord comes to a man, He cleanses a man from sin (by faith, through the blood), then the Lord fills him with He’s presence (Holy Spirit) and power.  The Lord Jesus Christ does the same thing when He decides to destroy the enemies (Spiritual powers) in a given area.  He brings His truth of the gospel and warring angels to fill the area up with the Kingdom of our God (Jesus).  The final result is when Christ returns and judges all living and dead and throws his enemies into the fire.  He then establishes His Kingdom forever and ever.

We are in a war  - war for the souls of men; for our communities, our states, our country, and the world.  We have to rise up in the power of the Holy Spirit and occupy the land that God promised us.  Heaven and Earth will be joined some day.  But we are told to go and usher in the Kingdom.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Sunny Valley - January 2016

After leaving the Rogue Valley, we went to the coast for a few days of relaxation and restoration (God gave us a wonderful time), then we went to Sunny Valley.  God called us here in 2012, when we did a lot of warfare prayer and mighty things of God started to happen.  God gave us visions of great revival in this area at that time, and we still believe it will happen.  God called us back, by way of the owners of the local campground, for William to paint their house and re-do the floors of the park’s bathroom.  But like we knew prior to getting here, God has a bigger thing going on.  Not only at the park, but with the people at Sunny Valley Outreach Ministry Church, a church we connected with back in ’12.  The pastor is a great Spirit-filled man, who’s stories impacted us a great deal back then.  I was asked to help with music there the month of Feb., of which I look forward to as well.

When we first got here, we saw doubt, fear, depression, and despair on the people – even amongst God’s people.  When that happens, they lose the joy of their salvation (Ps. 51:12), thus losing their strength (Ps. 21:1, Hab. 3:18).  There’s even one who is demon possession here, and we are praying for deliverance.  We’ve been praying in the Spirit – the Power of God must sit on God’s people, but so often, the people cling to a form of godliness(2 Tim. 3:5), but are not willing to take on the sacrifices to bring on the anointing and power.  We’ve been brought here to intercede, because the people here are weak.  The Bible says, that when our brothers and sisters are weak (1 Thes. 5:14), we are to come along side to encourage, not to condemn them.   God has given us a time here for deep prayer, desperation, to ask God to reach down to do something men cannot do, all the planning, programs, and all the quick, convenient prayer meetings will not seem like faith to God. 

God is looking for a people who will be so desperate and so believing for his power to change things, that they’re willing to put their very lives on the line.  This is why God has called us to fast and pray and to give our lives away.  There is a cost to walking in the anointing.  It means those who want to walk in the anointing, they have to forfeit the things they think they have a right to, which includes sleep, food, comfort, and instead, replace it with faith, determination, and a single-mindedness to not let go of the Throne of God until God moves.  And so, God has called us to prayer here, in laboring for the Kingdom of God, more than for the physical work we were brought here to do.   

Since we’ve been here, we’ve seen visions, confirmation in our spirit and in the physical, in a variety of areas, as to why we are here.  We’re believing God for healing, deliverance, and setting the captives free (Mark 16:17, 20, Acts 4:30, 5:12).  Because there is nothing more sad to see than God’s children, who’ve been given everything in the way of spiritual weapons (2 Cor. 10:4, Eph. 1:3), mighty in pulling down strongholds, to be so bound up and depressed and no longer rejoicing in their salvation.  It is time the church was willing to sacrifice everything to see the Glory of our God brought to earth again, for He is mighty - all power and might are in His hands.  We must come to Him to get it; it is not automatic.  God is looking throughout the earth for those who seek Him (Ps. 53:2), to raise them up by His hand, to change a world through His power in them.   We’ve been in the book of Ephesians lately – it is all about the fullness of God and the battle we’re in. 

A topic that keeps coming up (and even the pastor preached on it this last Sunday) is on the topic of the anointing of the Holy Spirit – people are so unsure of it.  The devil is set against God’s people, to take away their power.  The topic of the gift of tongues keeps coming up – some people just don’t like it!  Doctrines and traditions of men have denied and striped the people of this gift.  Same thing happened at Pentecost – God’s people were made fun of.  That is what Christians are afraid of – to be made fun of.  This is what Stephen said, (he was talking to the church of that hour) “you stiff necked people, always resisting the Holy Spirit” (Acts 7:51).  When the enemy strips the people of the anointing, the power of God, it makes it so they can do nothing for God.  Why?  Because the devil can’t deal with God, but he can deal with men. 

For instance, when the prophets of old spoke under the power of the anointing, the people ridiculed them and killed them.  When Jesus came under the power of the Holy Spirit and anointing, the people said He was not of God and killed him.  When the church was born under the power of the anointing,  the people mocked the children of God at that hour, and that is why most Christians are set against the anointing of the Holy Spirit - because it may make a fool out of you!  But we are called to be “spectacles before men and angels on this earth!” (1 Cor. 4:9)

And when the church was born, over time, the people stripped the power of God by their doctrines and traditions of men and thus was born the Catholic Church.  From the Catholic Church, every time the people of God became anointed again to preach the Good News, they were killed as heretics .   Since the church has broken free of some of these traditions and doctrines of men, the power of God has moved amongst them again and again, but every time the Holy Spirit moves amongst God’s people doing a new thing, those who call themselves people of God, mock it and say it’s not of God.  By now, we must have learned that God’s ways are not our ways, and God’s people must be willing to do whatever God says, whether we like it or not, whether it makes us feel uncomfortable or not, or whether we’ve seen it before or not.  So, revival after revival, move of God after move of God, we have contained it and created denominations with it, thus clinging to an old move of God because (old wine skins) we are afraid of something new the Spirit wants to do.  Thus Stephen was right when he said: you stiff necked people …

In conclusion, God is going to do a new thing now in this generation and one of the greatest moves of God is going to be a global harvest and God is preparing his people now.  And the old wine skins (Mark 2:22) either better get filled up and get made new to contain it and hold it, or get out of the way.  Because the greatest harvest is about to take place, which in turn will usher in the greatest upheaval the world has ever seen (Revelations).
Sunny Valley Campground