Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Visions and Dreams


July 15 – Wow and wow, last night was powerful.  We were listening to some sermons, videos, etc., then we went into prayer, specifically for Tamara, and right when the prayer started, I had a very vivid vision:

The background was black, and a pale red, see thru lion stood there ¾’s facing left (his right); sometimes he was roaring, sometimes breathing out fire, sometimes speaking (while pacing back and forth), sometimes he was just silent and watching.  It went on for a time, back and forth between the various activities, but over time (I sensed a large amount of time passing), the red got brighter as well as the background, from black to grey and back to black, etc., while at the same time, there was a growing light.  Then suddenly, there was a bright, blinding light that just exploded on the scene.  I sensed that there was a lot of sound at the same time, even tho I didn’t hear it.  Then, just as suddenly as the light came, there was sudden blackness, but out of that blackness, came a bush, a very large bush started to grow rapidly, but only the exterior grew – thick branches as if coming outwards in a circle from a tree stump, filled with leaves.  Then it seemed to fill in after the outer grew, the interior grew and filled in, even sticking out through the exterior framework.  I sensed a period of time passed when these two parts were filled in.  Then, suddenly a new, fuller interior took over the other interior, much brighter (again, the bright light exploded), fuller, greener, and much larger and it sprang up very, very suddenly, as if all of a sudden very mature, overshadowing the other two, yet a part of it – the leaves stuck out and covered the other two.

Then the vision was over at the moment William finished his prayer.  At first, I thought it all represented Tamara – that she would grow into the woman of God she was called to be.  But instead, as soon as I told William about it, he immediately has the interpretation.  The black is the world, the lion is Jesus through the 2000 years, the red of the lion represents the blood of the saints over the ages, the fire is the Holy Spirit, the walking/talking back and forth is the spreading of the gospel, the standing and watching is Him holding the ground.  Over time, the gospel spread and things got brighter.  But now, we are in the sudden light, the time of final revival.  The plant represents the same time period: the outer framework of the church (the outer branches), the first inner is the main body of the church, but the last interior that was rapid, is the current mature Body of Christ, the Bride, rising to its fullness will overshadow in brightness the former.

I was so wound up and excited about this vision, I shared it with Bible study this morning – wow, everyone got goose bumps!

We also discussed these trying times and how we have got to bear the presence of suffering and exercise complete self-control of speech and manner – to be calm, gentle, quiet yet firm in our beliefs, active, and steadfast.  But we win!  Jesus became small so that we may become big in Him.  Rise up church – be the giants of God you were called to be!  Every man is big in Christ – we must be more than conquerors .  We must peddle love and compassion, share the love of Jesus, expel the fear that has taken over the people.  I suggested a team who go door to door with flowers and cookies – friendship evangelism (like the Samaritan at the well).  We must break the back of division and racism.  Bring back the spirit of community with love, and compassion.

July 24 – wow, we’ve been listening to some great videos lately:  God’s Power is Coming: The Two Witnesses – just like we’ve been saying all along, the 2 witnesses are not 2 people – but peoples: the born-again Jews and the born-again Christians – we are to be the final witnesses!  There is a great, the greatest of all human history, revival coming – we are on the very verge of it all!

We are in the time of sorrows now, but sorrows for the world, the non-believers, not for us.  We are in the time of Joseph now, for us the believers, the time of stocking up, of plenty, of renewal, for what is to come.  For after the great revival will be the great breaking away and the time of martyrdom.  But God wins in the end – Jesus Will be here soon!

Other videos:  America, you are in the middle of Divine Restoration, God Hates a Coward, The greatest motivational video, If This Video Doesn’t Wake People Up, Then I Don’t Know What Will, The Underground Churches in China, What it Takes to be a Soldier in the Army of Christ – This Is War!, The Beginning of Sorrows – Q & A, the Kim Clement prophecies (it’s amazing how accurate they are), and the Where We Go One, We Go All videos (several out there) along with the song by Jenny Tolman.  Also, we found 2 other prophecies about Donald Trump – one in 1983!  Along with the Mark Taylor.  And many more videos I can’t think of right now.  Wow, it’s been an awesome time of learning.

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