Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Opening of our Art Gallery

We open God’s House of Vision officially Nov. 6th; however, I started earning money from my advertising weeks before I even opened!  Velma brought me some sewing the 2nd week of Oct.  I had my door open most of the week before, inviting people to come in to check out what we were doing.  I had my windows covered with paper all through October, but tore it down Oct. 30th.  That  very morning we were praying and asking God specifically for $100 to meet the Nov. rent – we were about $100 short of what we needed (we spent $400 on a new water heater and the landlord said to take that off the rent, leaving $100 to pay him).  That very afternoon, a lady walked in, asked about what type of lessons we would be giving and asked if I would give private lessons to her handicapped daughter.  She handed me a $100 bill to prepay!   Then on Nov. 2nd I checked the mail and got a $150 check from Steve (another person who used to help us in the ministry in Ashland) as a donation for our ministry!  I am so amazed at God’s provisions!
The first piece I sold – a painting by Carol Turner

We had the place looking nice – William did an awesome job fixing the walls (they had several issues), painting them (white with burgundy and gold trim), and the artists started bringing in their artwork on Nov. 1st – 3rd:  Pat Weaver, Carol Turner, Kathy Phillips, all of whom I met and knew from the Coquille Valley Art Center, and Rachel Smith, whom I met recently.  What was so funny, is that Carol and Rachel brought their artwork in the same day, Rachel saw a painting that Carol did and bought it!  I earned a commission and had my first sale even before I opened!  I opened up Monday the 6th and someone came in and bought one of Pat’s paintings she saw in our window!  My 2nd sale the first day I opened!  It is so obvious God has planted us here and we will thrive!
Our interior

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