Sunday, November 26, 2017


The sign above our studio

We hadn’t been to moms since August, so we planned to spend Thanksgiving with her.  Since mom had rented out all available space in her house, she arranged for my brother to bring back her 40’ RV, and park it in the driveway for us to stay in.  I got a frantic call from mom on the 18th – my brother crashed her RV into the workshop/tenant’s apartment, which took out the electricity for both the house and workshop AND took out the back bedroom window of the RV, torching the backside (he had hit the main power box).  She was all upset, because she had 2 tenants living upstairs in her house and one above the shop, all of whom were real upset because they had no power and they paid good money to live there.  Totally understandable.  She wasn’t thinking clearly, so I said, “yes, they paid good money to live there; therefore, you need to put them all up into a hotel”.  She wasn’t too keen on that, since she is a penny-pincher, but I convinced her to do exactly that before they all rose up in arms against her.  She finally agreed and arranged it.  I told her I would be there the next day to help however I could.  William and we (Bethany came with us, but stayed at her granddaughter’s) arrived there the afternoon of the 19th to total chaos (electricity didn’t get back on until the evening of the 20th) – I had to run interference between mom, my brother, and the tenants. 

The whole time, I was in a great deal of pain since I had been so busy getting the store ready – run, run, run everywhere – I was on my feet so much more than I had been used to.  I actually think I broke some bones in my foot, since it was so swollen up, but I kept on it.  By the time I got to moms, I could hardly walk.  But I just kept praying my way through all the pain.  I’m going to have to slow down and let this heal!

Once everything calmed down by Tuesday, we ended up having a nice Thanksgiving week with her.  I fixed a nice meal for her, invited Steve, Bethany, William’s daughter and grandkids over.   We went back to Coquille the 25th.  When we got back, Bethany commented on how glad she was that she had moved to Coquille and was with us – that she felt that God really led her there and had great plans for her!  I’m glad she feels that way.

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