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Year in Review, pt. 2 - Our Coquille Experience

The end of April, William was hired by Elizabeth to paint her house in Coquille. God had bigger plans all along.  Not only did William end up working on her house, but helped her ‘flip’ another house (which ended up selling in 2 weeks on the market!),  I ended up as caretaker for 2 elderly people and we also ended up setting up a booth in a festival in June (among other things);  we were there until the end of August.  God led us there and there is no question about that.  Again, here are excerpts from my journal:

April 27 – we contacted Elizabeth (the lady in Coquille that called him 2 weeks ago because of a craigslist ad he posted to get a job) and told her we were on our way to her place.  We got there about noon.  We talked with her briefly and found out that she only wanted 3 days of work this week (Wed.-Fri) and that she wanted him to come back on the 23rd to help a guy put in above-ground planters for a garden.  We had brought the RV and car over thinking we would be there for the next 3 or so weeks painting her house!  We had very little money and almost empty gas tanks.  William tried to start the RV for more than a ½ hour and got very upset.  It finally started and we went back to the beach.

When we got back, William took a nap and I walked the beach – spent some great time talking with God (I feel closer now than I have in months) and finding treasures in nature.  I picked a Sweet William and as I was enjoying looking at it, God said that the outer part of the flower was like God the Father, the next was like Jesus, and the closed part in the middle is where the Holy Spirit cocoons us in His arms.  There were 7 little flowers on the branch I picked.  It meant so much to me.  William has been so weak and tired the last several days.  When he got up from his nap and I got back from my walk, since he was still very agitated, he went into town and couldn’t seem to get released.   He came back and told me how Jeremy Camp’s song, “I know you understand it all” had been ministering to him.

I, in the mean time, took my book and a chair to the beach to sit in the sun and “escape”, but God wouldn’t let me do that – I started praying for William, went back and got the bible (read Mark 9 and 10, James 4 and 5 – God has really been working on me about judging others) for God’s will in what He has for us, etc and etc.  I’ve noticed that by praying in tongues lately, it’s been changing, intensifying.  Anyway, while I was sitting there, God said to tell William to, “take the tent to the beach tonight and sleep in the sand and I will give you rest”.  I immediately thought 2 things:  that it would be a comfortable physical rest for him and he needed that and that I didn’t want to tell him because I wanted him with me.  I told God that I would tell him if he gave me a ‘sign’.  When he got back a couple hours later, he told me how he couldn’t shake this agitation and said that he needed rest.   The word ‘rest’ triggered my memory of what God told me and I told him what God told me.   He sat there a minute and thought about it, then answered that he would do that, thought he really didn’t want to do that, but he believed that God told me to tell him that.  That just broke me down because I’ve been wanting to hear from God again lately and be sure of his voice because I want to do what He wants me to do and say.  This past winter had been so hard, I hadn’t heard his voice so clearly as much as I had in Fountain, so by me saying this (and what I said the day before) confirmed in me that God is speaking clearly to me again and that I’m not just ‘imagining’ things.

While we were discussing this, Elizabeth called back and said she wanted us to come back because her 88-year-old neighbor had fallen and hurt himself and needed some help (he walked to his barn and while opening the door, it caught his foot, he fell over and was too weak to get back up.  He lay in 87 degree sun for an hour before Elizabeth found him).  William was upset with himself for not doing what God told him to do (see below) and told her we would be back tomorrow morning.
William told me the below story and while doing so started shaking and got this fever (it had to have been over 100) and it began to become intense with an upset stomach.  I held him for awhile and comforted him while we talked.  He told me that while we were at Elizabeth’s, he was so mad because he had assumed he would be working, that we would get the car payment $$ in on time (due the 20th, but had 10 days grace period – they’ve been really mean lately about our payments because we owe less than $2000 and they are just looking for an excuse to ‘steal’ it from us) and that we would have $$ to operate with this month, but instead, because of whatever misunderstanding/miscommunication, we went back to the coast specifically because of this job.  While he was trying to start the RV that ½ it took of trying again and again (the worst it had ever done before was 15 min. and that was only once – it usually takes 5 min. or so to start it), God said to him several times that he was to go to Elizabeth and tell her that he was supposed to stay here tonight.   William kept quenching that voice because he didn’t want to look the crazy person to go say that to her, so he just got madder while he kept trying to start the RV. 

While he was going through that fever experience, he realized that God was chastising him for not obeying.    He knew that he had been holding back from God lately.  He felt that God kept putting him through the ringer lately. That him, being a prophet, could not disobey God because people’s lives were at stake, so he agreed to go to the beach tonight to see what God wanted from him.  The fever then broke and he quit shaking.

April 28 – William got back to the RV this am around 7 and told me what happened.  No sleeping bag, only 1 blanket, cold but God met him.  Scripture about David & Saul II Sam. 2:11, chapters 9 and 10 and 22.  Saul didn’t listen to God either and he suffered demonic attacks and that William didn’t want to reject God’s perfect will.  God told him that he would prove all this (and the story above) by starting the RV up right away with no problem this am to go back to Coquille.   We read 2 Cor 4 this am before leaving. 

We had a healing and restorative day and night last night.  On the drive back to Coquille, I was thinking how slow I am in listening/gaining wisdom from God and I said to Him, “I’m so slow at times.”  He said to me, “We all are at times.”  What caught my attention was the “We”.  I asked, “what do you mean we?”  He told me how when He was a man on earth, he was like us, while learning to listen the Holy Spirit, sometimes, He too was slow.

April 29 – William woke up at 3 am with heavy conviction.  God talked to him about meaning of the sand he was to sleep on:  Sand represented the people, like it did Abraham.  He’s got many people He’s bring home.   Because William didn’t listen the day before, these kinds of things can cause someone to not gain salvation.  So disobedience to anything that God says has great consequences.  William had to lay on the hard, cold sand, full of symbolism, he is set aside in the tent (tabernacle, belly of the whale) when someone is willing  - living sacrifice – to do anything God says, then God can bring much to many souls when someone is willing to sacrifice – it gives birth to those people in the Spirit, like the sands in the sea,  he had to see that as a visual to be laid out for God ,there is a price, but the consequences are much fruit and much reward and God can win souls when we just say yes and not argue with what He is saying, nor be worried about how scared you are in speaking up.   William was thinking that he didn’t trust God’s word and didn’t want to be embarrassed if it didn’t happen.

William started prepping/painting Elizabeth’s house.  He found that he could only work 5 hours due to the fact he is weaker than ever before doing this kind of work.  God was really faithful to us in this – here she was thinking for William to do a few handyman works around the property off and on (not worth our time or $$ to come over here because it wouldn’t even pay for itself), and William was thinking he was to paint her house (as she said over the phone originally) – God really changed up the circumstances and made a way for us to be real servants and still be willing to do anything God says.

Several days during Jan.-March were in the 60's

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