Sunday, January 31, 2016

Year in Review, pt. 3

While William worked, I, on the other hand, ended up being a caretaker for two elderly people (I’m a teacher! I told God, not a caretaker—he taught me a big lesson in humility).  I had a bit of practice in January and February, when I had to run back and forth from the coast to the Rogue Valley to take care of my mom, who had open-heart surgery Dec. 30, 2014.

Again, excerpts from my journal: 
April 29 - Helping Ken and Gale – Gale is Ken’s live-in CNA, she, coming up on 60, is full of health problems, which is why she needed us to be here to help.  I have been going in at certain times to learn the routine.  Ken has thoroughly enjoyed talking with us, it seems, me especially, because we hit it off right away talking about our respective aviation experience (he flew a Cesna 182, I a Cesna 172), love of music (he plays in the old-time fiddler’s association – fiddle and bass ukelale), love of singing baritone and how he can’t do so any longer, his collection of classical music and love of good artwork (he told stories of his paintings around the room – given to him by the respective artists), how he misses his wife Anyway, I told him how I want to help in any way I can, just to let me know.
We attended Ken and Gale’s morning bible study – typical Baptist style, read the Word in a year, follow the schedule, miss the deeper meanings within, but just ‘getting the job done of reading’; however, since Ken spent most of his life as a pastor/preacher, we let him have his say and to ‘teach’ from tradition to show respect.

April 30 – We are both constantly learning from God, going through trial and tribulations, so as to strengthen our faith AND our resolve to never back down no matter what.  William was asked by Ken last night if he wanted to go with him to bible study at a local bakery this am.  He said yes, and this am, William helped Ken get his wheelchair loaded onto the car and they went.  Even though this guy is 88, though weak in body, is still wanting to do things himself and we need to be respectful of this and give him his dignity.  William just stood beside him and let him do as much as he could.  
When William came back to the RV, he was already in the throes of fever and shaking again and couldn’t warm up (it still is in the 40s at night even though it’s been in the 60-70s in the day, but the sun hadn’t heated this tin can up yet).  He crawled under the covers and I held him as he warmed, he told of the testimony he spoke during bible study.  I guess the study has shrunk down to only 2 men, Ken and Jim, so William was a welcomed addition.  William told of how, as they read the bible aloud, they were very quiet; however, William spoke the words loud and true for the whole bakery to hear.  He said he heard others talk of God because of it.  Anyway, he got to tell of a couple testimonies how God led him to Ted Haggard’s church and taught him to hear the Spirit, to be lead to speak healing and truth into people back in the 80’s.  These men really had no response (being old wineskins and unable to receive new wine), but later how Ken spoke of how the Word only needs to be preached.

Therefore, when William made his way back here, the enemy was mad and attacked with this physical ailment.  As William, lay here and spoke, I prayed over him, he fell asleep.  In 20 minutes, he was wide awake and healed, ready to go to Elizabeth’s to work.

The enemy has attacked me as well – actually, both of us in the knees, affecting our walking abilities lately.  My knee has been swollen off and on for 3 months or so, as I walk, I am unable to straighten it, giving me a limp.  It really flared up the worst yet, by my walking a very hilly path between Ken’s and Elizabeth’s house, which I did at least 5x yesterday.  My knee was so swollen last night, William got quite mad at me for not taking care of it properly and letting it heal – he asked why I continued to walk on it thus, and I said, “because I believe God is healing it.”  That is true that God will heal it; however, I do have to do the proper thing and put it up, put ice on it followed by heat and give it time to heal, not just walk on it as if there is nothing wrong with it.  I have been ordered to bed for the next 2 days to see it healed.

Here I have been sent, that while William is painting a house (charging only $10 an hour - $5 less than he usually charges), I am to care for Ken and Gale (who will be having hip replacement in 2 weeks) and I cannot even go in to minister to them.  Yes, when we first got here and we found out what God set up for us – a place to park the RV and to do these things, I had a problem with it since I have no experience, nor want to have the experience, of caring for old people!!  God is really teaching me a lesson lately in humility by having me care for my mom earlier this year, and now this.  I begged God not to have me change diapers and I am sure he will continue to teach me to be more humble by having to do so someday.  Am I willing?  Yes.  Will I like it? Emphatically no!

May 1- more spiritual attacks toward us physically:  yesterday, William’s fever came back, lot’s of body aches, extreme tiredness – he worked for a couple hours then had to come back and lay down.  It lasted for hours, but finally it broke.  We did more warfare prayer last night, focusing on Ken and restoration with his son David.  I was attacked again in my stomach – woke up this am saying “King of Kings, Lord of Lords” and extreme nausea – I thought I was going to throw up immediately; however, I cast that thing out and it went away.  However, later it came back.  When William came back for lunch, we cast it out again and had warfare prayer.  I kept my knee up today; however, the swelling is way down and feeling better.  We realize that the enemy is extremely upset and mad because we are a threat to them and their kingdom, so they are doing everything possible to mess with us.  They have nothing in us except to attack with health issues.

William went to work today full of energy and no physical problems at all!

This am when we went in to say good morning to Ken and Gail, we found out her youngest brother died last night (her other two have already died).  Here she is only 60 and riddled with physical problems, on disability, and going in for more surgery, family is all dead – God wants to do miracles for these people which is why we are here.  We understand more now.

May 4 – Wow, we’ve had quite the last few days: lots of spiritual attacks, lots of drama with the ‘old’ people, yet some awesome times as well.  We’re finding out that Ken is very prideful and very much stuck in tradition and doing things exactly the same way every day.  He is not at all tolerant if someone disagrees with him, makes him do or not do something he wants, or changes his routine – except with me.  He seems to really like me and will listen to me; whereas, like this morning, he yelled at William and was quite verbally abusive to poor Gail.

The spiritual attacks have intensified.  There is obviously a lot of demonic oppression around this place – physical issues (Ken in wheelchair, legs don’t work mostly, diabetes, memory issues; and Gail has had a hip and one knee replaced and will be going into surgery on the 12th for the other knee), control and pride issues, unforgiveness, etc and etc.  Anyway, we have both come under attack with pain/swelling of our knees the past several days and now yesterday, William had a very high fever off and on toward the end of last week and ended up with this huge blister on the end of his tongue (he’s never experienced this before) AND these huge blisters on his lips that ended up being very painful and was trying to prevent him from speaking and eating.  We ended up fasting and praying yesterday.  The pain in my shoulder has intensified over the past several months as scar tissue has made it difficult for me to use my L arm, but his past week, it intensified even more so than ever, to where I can’t even sleep at night for the pain.  Of course, we both have been plagued by intense and busy dreams all night, caused by the enemy – full of confusion, chaos, weird random events, etc and etc.  

We have been having pain and distaste in our mouths because of bad teeth, at the same time as all this.  We had dental appointments set up in Coos Bay for June (having to schedule months out), and when William (last month) tried to get in sooner due to pain, they switched him to Medford (which made all Coos Bay connections, even for his albuteral, null and void), they still made it for June AND messed up the whole thing – making it seem that I now ‘live’ in Coos Bay and he in Medford, making our food stamps less!  This whole system is a sham.  One cannot even get help any longer – what makes it even worse, we have to wait until June to get our teeth looked at, then wait however many more weeks to get worked on because they have to set up a ‘care’ program!  How stupid.  One cannot even go into a Dr. office any longer for an emergency of any sort without having to wait months.  Anyway, we’re going to get our teeth fixed this year one way or another AND get William set up with several inhailers ahead so we can get off this whole system by fall.  I do not want to be a part of any government program!

We went to the Missionary Baptist Church yesterday with Ken and Gail; we had a nice time meeting with the people and Pastor Mike that am and pm at the pastor’s house.  He only came to the church 3 years ago after having worked at the VA in White City for years.  The church, like the others we’ve seen, is happy just to sit and wait to go to heaven, rather than go out and find the lost.

May 5 - Since we’ve been praying for these people here in Coquille, went out Sunday to fast and pray all day, the attacks intensified; however, so did our warfare prayers.  We have seen a difference in those around us.  Ken and his son had a wonderful visit with each other this weekend (the first in years, so I understand), Gail has been getting relief and support from me so as not to feel so alone and overwhelmed with this, AND Ken is watching his tongue more.  He actually apologized to Gail for his behavior yesterday afternoon.  While William spent yesterday mowing his yard (that episode with the lawn mower, Ken and William – I haven’t seen William that mad in ages!  Trying to keep that old guy from getting on equipment and hurting himself is a chore), he and I cleaning the debris, I got Ken out pulling weeds and planting flower seeds so he could feel ‘useful’ again.  I will try to find other things around that he can do and not hurt himself with.  William went back to painting the house today. 

 When Elizabeth came by last evening to talk with us, we found out that when Ken had his wife in a nursing home 10+ years ago (she suffered dementia), he lost all his money, re-mortgaged his house (which he built/Elizabeth’s house was built by his father), he ended up losing all his properties which Elizabeth bought.  They made an agreement whereas Ken could stay in his home the rest of his life; however, we found out, that whenever Ken gets mouthy with her, she threatens to put him in a nursing home and kick him out.

This all makes since now that it’s been explained .   Anyway, where he thought he was using up all his time doing ‘free’ things for Ken, he found that Elizabeth will pay him to do this yard work and fixing up around Kens place as well.  I will not charge; however, for caring for Ken and Gail.  I believe that God sent us here to be servants; therefore, He will continue to provide all that we need.  I went to the local newspaper and the local museum today, talking to a couple people about trying to help Ken feel useful and still a contributor to society – maybe interview him for an article or two, to ask him to do something he is capable of to contribute in some way, and to get people to come out to visit him (I asked the pastor of his church to do the same – I guess in the 3 years he’s been here, he has not made the effort to do so).

May 7 - My shoulder is finally getting better.  I was in so much pain the other night – it was as bad as when I injured it while at the lighthouse a couple years ago.  Our knees are getting better and we are more mindful of exercising properly to keep our strength; however, the enemy still torments us nightly with very weird, chaotic dreams, pain in our joints to such an extent that it throbs continuously.   Every time we get around infirmed, crippled people, this happens – those evil spirits are constantly trying to speak disease on us.  We continually praise God and rebuke the evil one’s suggestions; even amongst the trials, knowing these will continue to strengthen us, keeping us mindful of continuing to fast and pray periodically and do spiritual warfare regularly.  We know we are making the enemy mad, because we are taking back territory!  William and I continue to minister to the people God has put us with every day – William, with his Christian music blaring, his constant praising God and preaching off and on as God leads him, to Elizabeth and her boyfriend with their various discussions, and me, helping Ken and Gail in a variety of ways.

In the end, several miraculous things happened (including reuniting with children, attitude changes, etc.), and by the end of August, Gail went to live with her daughter and Ken went to a nursing home.  They were both happy with the outcome. 

This year, Elizabeth has asked us to come back and get the house they lived in ready for the market, which we plan to do April through July (or thereabouts).
Ken, Gail, and I

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